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Knowing What NOT to Say

After an accident, an insurance company claims adjuster representing the person likely to be held liable for the accident will probably contact an injured party. When this happens, accident victims should strive to understand that claims adjusters are professional negotiators who settle the matter in the most favorable manner for their insurance company. Thus, if you have been in an accident, never give an oral statement to the other party’s insurance company, no matter how tempted you may be to get into a discussion with the person representing the other side, you should resist the impulse. Those injured in accidents should consult with a lawyer to put a professional on their side.

Once you hire a lawyer, refer all calls about the accident to them. If you need help pursuing a personal injury claim, please contact Riedmiller, Andersen and Scott, LLC. We dedicate our law practice to upholding the rights of injury victims. Our friendly, professional staff along with our attorneys will work diligently to reach a fair, prompt settlement on your behalf.