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Unexpected Calls You Get After An Auto Accident

I had a phone call the other day from a client who had just been in an accident one week ago and suffered whiplash type injuries. She was getting a little better, but she told me that she was at the doctor’s office to get some treatment when she decided to call me because it was kind of strange for her to be at this doctor’s office in the first place.

She explained to me that she was resting at home on her couch when she got a call from somebody who said that they had arranged an initial free appointment for them with a doctor who would see them at 2:00 p.m. that afternoon. Not only would they see her initially for free, but they would send a cab for her that they would pay for.

Well, my client thought it wouldn’t hurt and it was free so she agreed, and at the correct time, a cab showed up at her home and took her to a strange doctor’s office. This doctor was in the second floor of a building with no signs indicating what type of doctor he was and he didn’t really explain anything other than her insurance would pay for everything and she needed treatment and a good lawyer. That’s when she got suspicious and called me.
This doctor was actually a chiropractor who had set up an arrangement with a lawyer to get clients into his office and on to the lawyer. I told my client to run, not walk, away from this doctor as he was not going to do her any good for her medical condition (not likely to help her, but will help himself) and that I would turn him into the local medical society and try to find the name of the sponsoring attorney because this kind of activity is probably illegal and definitely unethical.

So far, I haven’t found out who it is, but I will post it here if I do. Good thing she called me before she was suckered by this scam medical treatment.