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Medical Problems You Hide from Your Doctor

Everyone has something they’d rather not share with their doctor. A cough that’s probably nothing. An occasional dizzy spell. A mole you’d like to forget.

What usually happens? We keep it to ourselves and everything seems fine.
Until it comes back to haunt us.

If you’ve filed claim for a work-related injury, accident or other type of injury (even if you haven’t) symptoms you keep to yourself can really come back to haunt you!

Let’s say you hurt your shoulder on the job. I had a client like that last month. Let’s call him “Johnny.” Johnny had severe shoulder pain from a fall at work. He told the doctor all about it. But he never mentioned the slight sting he felt in his back. After all, his back wasn’t the issue. His shoulder was the problem. Six months later his back went out and Johnny found, to his dismay, that he wasn’t entitled to any compensation even though it was clear that his back pain was directly attributable to his on-the-job injury.
I can’t stress enough the importance of telling your doctor and lawyer everything!

“Harold” was another client. Harold was very good about going to the doctor. He showed up early, brought a pad and paper, even had a list of his current medications. But Harold felt uneasy talking about his “clumsiness.” He felt this trait was a personal defect and saw no reason to involve the doctor. As a result, the doctor never realized Harold had brain cancer, and I had no idea he had become sick due to chemicals in his workplace.
It comes down to this: EVERY time you see your doctor tell him EVERY issue you have. Not only is it imperative to your health. It’s also imperative to your case.

I’m Roger Riedmiller. It’s my job to make sure you’re informed.