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What Are Some Warning Signs Of A Bad Attorney To Consider When Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney?

The first warning sign you should watch for is whether the attorney you are considering hiring will not really answer any of your questions directly. If he or she keeps saying “I will answer your question after you sign the contract, that is probably the first and foremost warning sign that this attorney probably is not the attorney for you. You want an attorney that is willing to answer your questions, all of your questions, and educate you first and foremost. If they are not willing to do that upfront without a contract then they are probably not somebody that you should sign up with. Secondly, you do not want an attorney that is...

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Common Mistakes Detrimental To A Personal Injury Claim

One of the things I have seen people do nowadays that has derailed and has harmed many people’s cases is they go online and they discuss their case on Facebook. For example, it is not just Facebook, but Twitter and any of the other social media out there. They discuss the details of their case, the details of their accident with people that they consider their friends and these folks probably are their friends, but unfortunately maybe in the moment they are very mad about what happened to them and they say stuff that is actually damaging to their case. They are angry at the person who caused the accident and they say things in that...

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