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What Are Some Warning Signs Of A Bad Attorney To Consider When Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney?

The first warning sign you should watch for is whether the attorney you are considering hiring will not really answer any of your questions directly. If he or she keeps saying, “I will answer your question after you sign the contract, that is probably the first and foremost warning sign that this attorney probably is not the attorney for you. You want an attorney that is willing to answer your questions, all of your questions, and educate you first and foremost. If they are not willing to do that upfront without a contract then they are probably not somebody that you should sign up with. Secondly, you do not want an attorney that...

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Bill Thought He Was Illiterate… Until He Discovered The Truth!

In my profession I don’t get called on to make medical pronouncements often. I’ve sent plenty of clients to doctors. But it’s rare that I make the diagnosis myself. First of all, I’m not qualified as a doctor. Second of all, I have enough trouble deciding whether a cold is really a cold or the onset of the flu. So, I leave the diagnoses to professionals. But Bill’s case was different. Bill came to my office in the spring of 2009. He was well-dressed, well-groomed and had a pleasant, outgoing personality. To all appearances, Bill was no different than you or I. But Bill had a nervous disposition that became more pronounced whenever...

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Medical Problems You Hide from Your Doctor

Everyone has something they’d rather not share with their doctor. A cough that’s probably nothing. An occasional dizzy spell. A mole you’d like to forget. What usually happens? We keep it to ourselves and everything seems fine. Until it comes back to haunt us. If you’ve filed claim for a work-related injury, accident or other type of injury (even if you haven’t) symptoms you keep to yourself can really come back to haunt you! Let’s say you hurt your shoulder on the job. I had a client like that last month. Let’s call him “Johnny.” Johnny had severe shoulder pain from a fall at work. He told the doctor all about it. But he never mentioned...

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What are YOUR Injuries Worth?

Plaintiffs in personal injury cases may be entitled to both general and special damages. The former included compensation for pain and suffering (past and future), as well as for any resulting disability or disfigurement. The latter consists of compensation for past and future medical bills and lost wages. Until an injured person consults with a lawyer about the possibility of initiating legal action against a party who was either negligent or who intentionally inflicted harm, he or she will not likely know how much his or her case is worth. For instance, while one might expect considerable damages to be awarded by juries for amputation,...

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