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What Should Someone Do If Their Claim Is Denied?

If they deny the claim outright, quite frankly you are going to need to have somebody professionally investigate the case. You must make sure that the denial is not reasonable. Most likely after a professional investigation is done with the assistance of a lawyer and their experts, then a lawsuit will need to be filed. That lawsuit will need to be filed in the proper venue. It is so important that the proper venue is chosen by an experienced trial lawyer. An experienced truck trial lawyer will know the differences between possible venues that could be available because of the uniqueness of these particular types of claims. When you...

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What Are The Common Injuries Sustained In A Trucking Accident?

We do see a lot more crush injuries due to the weights and forces involved in most trucking accidents. We also see more amputations due to the forces involved causing ejections from the vehicles. The last thing I would say that we see more often in semi-truck and vehicle collisions is closed head injuries. They are caused by the passengers striking their heads violently in these types of accidents. What Are The Biggest Challenges That Clients Face In Commercial Vehicle Accident Claims? The biggest challenge is that the trucking industry is quite sophisticated and in most cases, immediately after a truck is involved in a collision,...

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Who Are The Liable Parties In A Commercial Vehicle Accident?

The possible liable parties would be of course the driver of the vehicle as an individual and as the employee who is working at the time of the accident. The second most likely targeted party would be the employer whom the driver works for. The company has a legal responsibility to train, monitor and provide assistance to the driver. They often are sued in these cases from the fact that they are legally responsible for the trucker’s negligence in most states. The third party that can be legally responsible is the insurance carrier. Federal law actually allows you to sue the insurance carrier as a named party in addition to suing the...

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What Types Of Vehicles Are Involved In Trucking Accidents?

Generally speaking, commercial vehicles are any vehicles that are used by businesses in the course and scope of their occupation or profession. So that could include semi-vans, and pickup trucks, but really any vehicle used in the scope and course of employment are the truck driver or drivers of the vehicles would be considered a commercial vehicle. Limos are another example of a common commercial vehicle that we see around here. Many times though there are standard four door sedans that are used as commercial vehicles that would also fall into this particular category. Are Commercial Vehicles Subject To Different Rules & Regulations...

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Truck Accidents

It can be traumatizing to be involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler or to have a loved one lose their life as a result of a fatal truck wreck. At the Law Office of Riedmiller, Andersen and Scott, LLC, we understand how horrifying this experience is and want to help you achieve resolution so that you may focus on recovery and on moving forward. [catlisthd hd=”Trucking & Commercial Vehicle Accidents Overview:” link=””] What Types Of Vehicles Are Involved In Trucking Accidents? Who Are The Liable Parties...

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