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How Important Is Re-Enactment In Motorcycle Accident Claims?

Re-enactments are almost as important, if not more important than in any other type of accident. The prejudice and perception is that all motorcycle drivers are, somehow, usually at fault for their own accidents. As soon as you retain the police report, someone needs to review that police report and see if a private investigator has to make certain measurements, or an accident reconstructionist has to determine who is at fault for the accident based upon the pictures that were taken by the police. If you have a case where there is a significant question about who is at fault, then preliminarily, the motorcyclist might have been at...

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What Types Of Injuries Are Sustained In Motorcycle Accidents?

There are several injuries associated with motorcycle accidents. Most common are close head injuries because either the helmet did not provide enough protection or the driver wore no helmet. Under Kansas law, you are not required to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle so not wearing a helmet cannot be used against you in the motorcycle case. I will tell you, though, injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident from a driver who does not wear a helmet has a tendency to reduce the value of the claim, even though that is not really supposed to be the consideration given by the jury in these cases. We find that most juries punish or...

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How Has Your Experience Been In Handling Motorcycle Accidents?

Clients who are involved in motorcycle accidents typically suffer more serious injuries than those involved in the single car or two car accidents. Most motorcyclists are usually unprotected or have limited protection from almost any collision. A motorcyclist who is hit by a car or a truck will often suffer serious injuries because he or she is not protected by airbags, seat belts and other types of safety measures considered in the design of cars or trucks. A motorcyclist may have a helmet on that may keep him or her from suffering a serious head injury, but they are unprotected from scrapes, bruises and broken limbs, or loss of...

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