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What Steps Should Someone Follow If They Are In An On Job Auto Wreck?

If someone is involved in an auto wreck while on the job, the first thing he or she needs to do is report the work related accident to their employer. The second step they need to take is to request medical treatment, or at the very least, a medical evaluation to be sure of the extent of any injuries from the accident. The third thing that needs to be done is the person needs to sit down with a workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyer and start asking questions about how this particular accident is going to or not going to be covered by the various policies of insurance. The sooner they can get educated about what their...

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What Are The Rights Of A Passenger In A Work Vehicle?

As a passenger in a work vehicle, the person has two things going for them. They have the right of workers’ compensation benefits under Kansas law if he or she was in the course and scope of employment when the accident occurred. Additionally, the individual can make a claim for the negligent conduct of the driver of the work vehicle as well as the driver of the other vehicle if it’s a two car accident. One thing Attorney Roger Riedmiller warns is that, as a passenger in an automobile, if the person’s co-employee caused the accident, he or she may be limited in their right to pursue that co-employee for damages because that...

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Who Are The Potentially Liable Parties In An Auto Accident On The Job?

Ultimately, the insurance carriers will pay for the damages that are sustained in an on the job auto accident if it can be proven their insured was negligent in causing the accident. Technically, however, in Kansas the legally responsible party is the one who is more negligent than the other. If that is the case, then a lawsuit can be filed against both the employee and the employer in an accident. This is done when the insurance just covers one or the other or there is separate insurance that covers the two entities, the employee and employer. Essentially, though, both the employee and employer could technically be held responsible...

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How Common Are Auto Accidents When People Are On The Job?

Auto Accidents that occur while people are on the job happen quite frequently in Kansas. There are a number of occupations that involve driving of either company vehicles or the employee’s personal vehicle. In fact, the most common type of work/auto accidents involve large trucks, including semi trucks. In Kansas, because of the distance between cities, the frequency with which these collisions occur is quite high. What Are Some Other Examples Of Auto Accidents Occurring While On The Job? Certain occupations are certainly subject to a higher risk for auto collisions. For example, nurses and home health aides who drive from home to...

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