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What Steps Should I Take In A Premises Liability Claim?

First thing they should probably do in a claim, is get somebody there on their behalf to the scene of the accident immediately. Have that person take pictures using their camera phone of the premises, and of the defects where the individual fell. Take pictures of the entire premises to get an idea, so whoever is looking at the pictures sees the layout of the place where the accident occurred. Secondly, I would recommend that they identify all of the video cameras that may have possibly caught him or her coming on to the premises, and may or may not have caught them falling on the premises, or injuring themselves on the premises. Thirdly,...

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What Elements Constitute A Viable Premises Liability Claim?

The elements would show evidence upfront about the nature of the premises, and the defect that caused your accident. Good evidence would consist typically of pictures that show the defect that caused your accident. The videotape of your actual accident would go a long way in proving your premises liability claim or lawsuit. Those are the two main elements if someone claims a premises injury, and they are established through photographs, videotapes, and how the accident occurred. The videotape verifies that it is the plaintiff who is involved in the accident or injury on the date in question. Then your case is proven halfway. Obviously,...

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How Is Causation Proven In A Premises Liability Claim?

Typically, causation in a premises liability case is proven by surveillance from the videos. There are so many cameras surveilling stores, homes, businesses than there ever were before. In the last ten years, video cameras have exploded in numbers, both in home and businesses. The first thing you do is observe to see if the premises have any video cameras. Then pursue the videotapes that those cameras have produced. Once you get the videotapes, you hope to prove that the person fell on the premises on the date in question. That is one part of the causation, and then the other part of the causation is getting medical providers to review...

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What Is A Premises Liability Claim In Kansas?

A premises liability claim is any claim involving an injury that occurs because of some defect, or negligence that is perpetrated or caused by a property owner, and premises liability claims can also consist of slips and falls. They can consist of trips over dangerous or hidden conditions of the premises. It can consist of stairs being improperly designed such that they cause somebody to fall and suffer an injury. Many of the premises liability claims that we have handled, have involved concrete structures, such as sidewalks, parking lots, or exterior stairs that were ineffectively constructed, or defectively designed, and placed...

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