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Thumb Tied: Man Pressured to Return to Work After Being Hung By Thumbs

It was a pleasant day in Wichita. The sun was out. A cool breeze ambled from the north and Guy Lambertson was on the job. Guy was one of the best landscapers in town. People knew him. They respected him. Guy’s reputation for quality was surpassed only by his reputation for safety. Which is why this story was so heartbreaking. Landscapers use a pulley system to lower branches from trees. A rope is tied around the branch, fed through a pulley and the limb is lowered to the ground safely. Guy knew that. He’d used the system for years. But this day something went wrong. Guy’s thumb got caught in the rope as it snapped upward, pulling...

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Joe Didn’t Know The Law… and It Almost Cost Him His Job!

When Joe’s wife fell on the job, he knew they were in for trouble. Rita wasn’t much of a complainer. When she broke her toe, she hardly made a peep. When she got ten stitches for that cut finger, she hardly uttered a word. Fact is, she never complained about much unless she was really in pain.Which is why Joe realized they were both in trouble. The first time he left his job to take Rita to physical therapy, Joe’s boss didn’t say much. “Take care of your wife!” he joked. “But tell her she owes us a Bundt cake for all your missed work!” But when Joe’s time off mounted, his boss became more aggravated. “One of these days, your job won’t...

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