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What are YOUR Injuries Worth?

Plaintiffs in personal injury cases may be entitled to both general and special damages. The former included compensation for pain and suffering (past and future), as well as for any resulting disability or disfigurement. The latter consists of compensation for past and future medical bills and lost wages. Until an injured person consults with a lawyer about the possibility of initiating legal action against a party who was either negligent or who intentionally inflicted harm, he or she will not likely know how much his or her case is worth. For instance, while one might expect considerable damages to be awarded by juries for amputation, juries are also quite sympathetic to those who have suffered severe emotional distress. The victim must prove that an action or product directly caused the injury.


When professional negligence is mentioned, there is an immediate association with medical malpractice in the minds of many people. However, physicians are not the only professionals who are required to perform professional work according to the best judgment and a degree of competence expected of persons in that specialty. While instances of medical malpractice have been widely reported in the media, such professionals as engineers, architects, and even caterers may also conduct their work in such a negligent manner that it results in loss or injury to their clients. With this in mind, consumers should be aware that there is a legal remedy available to them in the event that they encounter professional malpractice.