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The Experience of Riedmiller, Andersen & Scott LLC

  • 1987

    Roger Riedmiller graduated from Washburn University of Topeka School of Law, in Topeka Kansas and began a series of jobs, apprenticing as an associate attorney and learning the practices of workers compensation and personal injury law in Topeka and Wichita, Kansas.

    His apprenticeship included trying many workers compensation cases and personal injury cases primarily in the Wichita area. Roger sunk his roots in Wichita and got married in 1993 to Barbara and they now have four children, four dogs (including Cooper) and two cats.

  • 1999

    Roger Riedmiller decided to go solo and open his own law firm and on May 15, 1999, The Law Office of Roger A. Riedmiller was born. This practice was exclusively personal injury, automobile accidents, and workers compensation cases.

    Roger developed the first book in the market named: How to Avoid Wrecking Your Accident Case which was widely distributed throughout the Wichita area and surrounding counties. This book was extremely successful in educating people about their rights following an accident and resulted in a two-fold increase in Roger’s case load.

  • 2004

    Due to Roger’s success in education based marketing and growing tired of the ever increasing and obnoxious television commercials then on TV, Roger decided to create a TV show that carried on the tradition of the book he had published.

    This TV show was designed to educate the viewers on the dangers and successes in personal injury and workers compensation cases and show people how to avoid making common mistakes that hurt their cases.

    Roger created a live “call in” show that was the first of its kind and none have tried to equal it since. Lawyer On The Line™ first went on the air on KAKE Channel 10 on August 4, 2004. The show started out in the 11:00 PM slot but due to its success and following, it was moved up to the 10:35 slot and has been there ever since.

  • 2008

    Due to Lawyer On The Line’s™ success, the practice of law became extremely busy for Roger and the need for another attorney became paramount. Donald S. Andersen joined the Law Office of Roger A. Riedmiller in 2008 and he has been handling personal injury cases of all types ever since.

    Don grew up in the Anthony, Kansas area, graduating from Washburn University of Topeka School of Law, in 1985. His practice of law before joining Roger including all types of personal injury cases, especially medical malpractice and nursing home cases as well as truck accident litigation.

    Don’s litigation of personal injury cases has resulted in many large settlements and judgements. Don’s practice has allowed Roger to concentrate his practice in workers compensation cases and allowed Roger and Don to handle many cases that end up being both workers compensation and personal injury cases at the same time.

  • 2009

    Business opportunities continued to increase and in 2009, Mark A. Scott joined Roger and Don at the Law Office of Roger A. Riedmiller. The three of them moved their practice from its long-time location at 300 West Douglas Garvey Center to the historic Buttermilk Lion Building located at 532 N. Market Street in downtown Wichita.

    This new location is where Gerald W. Scott also joined the firm as an advisory lawyer, being named Of Counsel to the firm. Gerald W. Scott was a renowned authority on plaintiff’s insurance issues and wrote many articles about how to litigate and/or settle insurance issues involving automobile insurance policies and was recognized as the authority on such issues in Kansas.

  • 2015

    Gerald W. Scott retired from the practice of law and shortly thereafter, the law firm of Riedmiller, Andersen and Scott, LLC, was established. This new firm continues to practice personal injury law and workers compensation law with an emphasis on truck accident litigation, nursing home negligence and both workers compensation and personal injury cases.

    With 95 years of combined legal experience, Roger, Don and Mark are prepared to handle your legal issues and answer your legal questions. Lawyer On The Line™ has continued its educational mission that features guest speakers, including Don and Mark, along with experts from a variety of fields and, of course, Cooper attends every show.

    Our commitment to educating victims of negligence and work-related accidents continues on into 2020 with a revamped website and a commitment to Lawyer On The Line’s educational broadcasts and materials given on the show that are designed to provide the accident victim with the best chances of recovering fully from their predicament.

From this model he cast the two lions made of cement, granite dust and buttermilk.

The Buttermilk Lion Building

We know little of the man who sculpted the two lions at the entrance of the home built for Charles Kleinhelm. According to a 1934 newspaper article, Mr. Kleinhelm wanted two lions to grace the entrance to his new home and inquired at a cement company where they told him they could not do the work. A man in patched clothing with a boot on one foot and a shoe on the other was listening to the conversation. He said he could do it. When Kleinhelm asked who he was, he said “just a bum from Paris.”

The man was Philip Mathew Paulus whose father was a famous sculptor who worked for the nobility of Europe. They gave Paulus the price of a meal—because he was hungry and unemployed—and enough clay to sculpt a life-size lion. From this model he cast the two lions made of cement, granite dust and buttermilk.